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new comp tape out from dihd

excited that I got to share a KANG BUCKET track on this sludgy compilation out from DIHD... get at me if you would care for a copy. jamesmorren (at) gmail...


Reviews of ...
'Heavy on th' Gunk 1' Cassette (dihd)

This is a tape comp of garbage rock / noise groups spanning the US east coast from Florida all the way up to New England.  Most of the bands use super lo-fi / fucked recording straight to boombox or glitched-out broken shit.  KANG BUCKET sounds like a budget version of that old Nintendo game, F-Zero.  FAT YOUTH played noisy-ass hardcore.  HUMAN ADULT BAND blasts out a circulating grunge-style riff while some maniac howls over it.  It's a true assault on the eardrums (in a good way) from the lowest of lo-fi noise.  It also includes TRANSIT MOTHER, HAVES AND THIRDS, RUSSIAN MAGNETS and LOCAL TEEN.  Top quality bullshit.  (9 songs cassette, lyrics not included)


Compilation of what I assume to be New Jersey bands with connections to the long-running Human Adult Band.  Almost impossible to know, of course, but the music ranges from a drunken semi-acoustic blues readymade and femme-throated volk moves to minimal electronics and the fully juiced avant garage raunch-skronk for which The Human Adult Band are known.  Proof of life in the Greater New Brunsiwick region. Again.

-Byron Coley, Size Matters, WIRE May 2016